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Kurt Lewin was the first one, who spoke in his theories about group dynamics. He mentioned this expression in the year of 1939 in different psychological articles. In later years other psychologists like Raoul Schindler and Jacob Moreno also used this expression in their psychological researches.

But what do we understand under the expression "group dynamics" ? We want to show it to you with an easy definition:

Definition group dynamics:

Under the term "group dynamics" we understand a model, where we can find different processes in a group of persons. It is also a method to explore peoples behaviour in a group to understand the reasons for their behaviour.

In group dynamics there a on the one site the abilities of the group and on the other site the abilities of the individual person. But this does not mean, that we can add the personal abilities and will have the complete group abilities as a result.

The reason is, that there are different processes in groups. There are different phases in the dynamic process. The group makes rules and orders, gives authorisations to some leaders etc. So it can happen, that some persons with normally weaker personal abilities get more power than the persons with stronger abilities.


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