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Kurt Lewin


childhood an youth ages

Kurt Lewin (complete name: Kurt Tsadek Lewin) was born at 09. september in the year 1890 in Mogilno/Poland. He was a child of jewish parents. His father was called Leopold Lewin, and he was a trader. The mother of Kurt Lewin was Recha Engel. The family had overall six children. He had two sisters, called Hertha and Susanne and three brothers, called Franz, Egon and Fritz.

In his first basic school years, he visited a school with education in jewish religion. In the yoar 1905 the family Lewin emigrated to Germany. In the city of Berlin Kurt Lewin visited an academic high school, called Kaiserin-Augusta-Gymnasium.

His jewish family did not really practice their religion. This was not a very important part of his parents' education.

In his school time his main interests were classic languages an philosophy. At the beginning of the new century he left the academic high school with general qualification for university entrance.


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